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Braccio di Misura

The instrument we use to carry out the scanning operations is the CAM2 Edge ScanArm HD.  measuring arm.
This instrument guarantees high scanning speed and high definition of the data allowing the scanning of even the most complex components in a short time.
In our dedicated laboratory we carry out the verification of the components both on behalf of third parties and for our creations and we evaluate elements of all shapes and sizes with particular attention to tolerances.


Verifiche dimensionali

Performing the 3D dimensional check is very important for all companies that want to maintain high quality standards. The dimensional check In fact, allows you to obtain a direct comparison between a physical object being scanned and the corresponding starting CAD model. This is of particular importance for the areas dedicated to quality control where it is essential to identify and quantify any differences between the theoretical 3D project of the objects resulting from the production cycles.

laser scanner 3D

Laser scanner 3D

Thanks to the scan it is possible, starting from a physical sample, to obtain a virtual model composed of a cloud of points which, through subsequent processing, can be used to reconstruct a CAD model. With this procedure it is possible to recreate 3D models, remodel damaged or missing deformed areas, obtaining a 3D file analogous to that of first design or develop design changes and improvements.

Verifica dimensionale con braccio di misura

Guaranteed quality

thanks to the best technologies


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